10 Strategies for Creating’Take Your Dog to Work Day’ a Success

Tomorrow is day puppy lovers across the U.S. are awaiting: Take Your Dog to Work Day.

In its 18th year here in the U.S., the unofficial holiday was originally launched in the uk in 1996 and came to the states in 1999 when Pet Sitters International, an institution for pet sitters, trademarked it.

Cutting the Friday following Father's Day, it observes the human-animal bond we share with our dogs, while also highlighting the positive impact dogs have at work.

Truly, having puppies at work reduces stress. According to a 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University study, employees who brought their dog to perform experienced a decline in stress degrees of 11 percent by the end of the day, while those that did not have a pup saw an increase in their stress levels by 70 percent.

Still another study found that having dogs in the workplace may invoke more confidence among co-workers.

And according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, generally speaking, dogs can benefit us by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and feelings of loneliness.

Despite these benefits, you just get one opportunity to impress your coworkers with your puppy. Ensure you are prepared.

Listed below are a few tips.

1. Ensure That Your office is dog-friendly

Before you get too excited about bringing on your puppy, ensure your office, along with the building it is in, enables dogs. You would hate to get excited about showing off your four-legged friend to your co-workers, simply to be informed that your dog isn't allowed.read about it www.fitbark.com from Our Articles

2. Check to Determine if your co-workers are about board

I get it — your dog is the greatest thing in the whole world. But in case you've got a gut feeling that not everybody may feel the identical manner, make your puppy home. I know it might be difficult, but it is going to save you a lot of disgruntled co-workers — and YOU are the one who has to see them every day.

If only a few men and women are not to dogs, nevertheless see if okay to bring your friend. If you have the thumbs up, respect their space and keep your puppy away from them.

3. Dog-proof your distance

You know your pup better than anybody. If she is a chewer, proceed anything harmful (e.g. electrical cords) or off-limits away from her. Additionally, if there's anything poisonous — insect trapsplants, etc. — she could get into, hide them from her.


Ensure that your dog has a satisfying meal until she comes to this office with you. She could be begging your co-workers for their own lunches. Not a dawn dog? Pack some dog food in a container for her to eat throughout the day.


Talking of containers, then bring you to your dog's water. No one at your office is going to need to realize your puppy slurping out water or their go-to bowl or mug.

6. Think ahead

Depending on where you live, you might want to plan a little additional time to get both you and your pet to work. Some might need to produce their car dog-friendly, but some have to consider public transportation challenges. For example, buses, subways and trains may have rules about what dogs are welcome and also which ones are not. And should you want to have a taxi or car service, then make sure that you communicate with the driver you have a dog, as not permit a four-legged passenger.

7. Keep in Mind, treats are key

Not many co-workers could possibly be comfortable with a puppy, nor are dogs comfortable with strangers. To break the ice, then bring some treats. I stand friendship will ensue — together with your puppy betraying? You for his new cure friend. Also, treats can be a valuable instrument in the event your pet is misbehaving.

8. Take a bag of snacks

If your pet is really a roamer or even a spaz, then you may choose to consider a few toys to keep them occupied. The go-to are Kongs. Fill those suckers up using peanut butter or small treats and let your dog visit town. Other options are bully sticks or puzzles made for dogs.

9. Lunch break

Just like you require a rest from the office, so does your dog. Ensure to walk her out to give exercise and for a bathroom break, or two.

10. Use your head

If your dog is a pup that isn't potty-trained, is a biter and runs round like a mad dog, you maybe should wait until he's grown up a little. Or if you have a barker, a bully, or one which does not feel comfortable around people, he might need to stay house.