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“One answer from all the gang members regarded their niña, girlfriends, and greatly concerned us. All said that if their niña say no they have to die.” Other disquieting truths emerged. Twenty five years after the accords that ended the country’s ferocious civil conflict, Trump’s deportees will return to the world’s most dangerous country not at war.

Since 2010, the police have registered over 10,800 such cases. Because very few cases are investigated, knowledge of perpetrators is limited.

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Soon after her death, El Salvador’s president, Sánchez Cerén, declared – for the first time ever – a national femicide alert and crisis over extreme el salvador dating customs violence against women. When the value placed on any human life is overwhelmingly low, women become objects to be used and discarded.

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Older women were separated from girls and boys and, by groups, were killed by machine-gun. At nightfall, they slaughtered and burned the girls and boys and razed the town completely. Rufina was one of the few survivors of the El Mozote Massacre, an operation in which the Salvadoran Armed Forces killed around a thousand people, mostly boys and girls, in just five days. Between December 9th and 13th, in the department of Morazán in northeastern El Salvador, the army advanced through different villages, torturing, sexually abusing girls and women, and slaughtering large groups of defenseless civilians.

El Salvador’s violent gang culture also plays a key role in the abuse of women. Sixty-seven percent of Salvadoran women have suffered some form of violence in their lifetime, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence and abuse by family members, a 2017 national survey found. Under national law, women have the same rights as men do in a marriage relationship. Crimes against women in El Salvador are prevalent even though violence and discrimination are illegal in the country. The US State Department addressed the issue of sexual harassment in its 2010 Human Rights Report. The law defines sexual harassment as any unwanted physical contact; it does not address non-physical contact such as verbal harassment. The penalty for getting an abortion can range from two to eight years if convicted and abortion practitioners can receive prison terms of six to 12 years.

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  • The Ursulines dedicated a page on their website to resources about the four women and encourage interested people to visit the page to learn more about them.
  • Dozens of girls and women, mostly from high-poverty areas, were prosecuted in the past two decades for what lawyers and activists say were obstetric emergencies.
  • However, dating Salvadoran girls can present a challenge to foreigners who have no clue about their culture.
  • Large numbers of people in El Salvador are internally displaced by criminal violence, extortion, and other threats.

El Salvador is a popular tourist destination with stunning beaches and eye-catching sights. However, going to El Salvador in a hope to meet a Salvadoran bride is not the best idea. Most of the women you meet there, who likely work in the hospitality industry, are either already taken or not particularly fond of the idea of meeting their future husband in the street. To a Salvadoran wife, housework is not a chore — it is something she genuinely enjoys doing.

While our service is independent and free, we may post links to other companies that provide compensation to us. But since Spanish is a popular language that has similarities to English. Even if it is hard for you to learn, just try to learn the basic words. Salvadoran women appreciate the effort put in by foreigners to learn Spanish. Women from El Salvador wear their emotions on their sleeves.

Prior to the events of El Mozote, on May 13 and 14, 1980, people were slaughtered on the banks of the Sumpul River, on the border between El Salvador and Honduras. Two years after, between May 27 and June 9, 1982, the army executed several massacres in an episode that victims remember as “La Guinda de Mayo.” At least 236 people were killed and the military illegally appropriated 53 girls and boys. They delivered food to peasants displaced by the violence, rescued children whose parents were killed and brought them to safety. They spent mornings gathering the bodies of death squad victims left on the streets overnight to give them decent burials—even when they found notes attached to the cadavers warning them off.

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