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You won’t find the control problem ZodTTD’s n64ios emulator had back in iOS 5. Happy Chick also supports Nintendo DS, PlayStation 1, GameBoy Advance and many other consoles.

How to Install Nintendo 64 Emulator on iOS

Only by implementing fiddly jailbreak hacks could you open the operating system up to unapproved apps. However, iOS app developer, Riley Tesut, has released an iOS App Store alternative called AltStore, to shake up the iOS ecosystem using a new method that avoids jailbreaking entirely.

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Using Safari on your iOS device, navigate to this page to download the PlayStation BIOS files. Tap the ‘Download’ button, then either tap ‘Open in Zip Extractor’, or tap ‘More…’ followed by ‘Copy to Zip Extractor’. Click the ‘Download’ button, then again when prompted.

This app is installed using an enterprise certificate which can be revoked at any time by Apple. If this does not fix the issue then try again a little while later . This method may be difficult for Apple to block as legitimate iOS developers need this feature to test apps before release. However, Apple will no doubt be looking into ways to stop this idea while it is still in beta, potentially with new credential checks or developer approval systems. Ever since Apple launched the first iPhone way back in 2007, the iOS platform has been a fortress.

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Since this app is installed using an enterprise certificate, it could get revoked at any time. To fix this, simply re-download the app using the above steps once the certificate has been updated. You should now be able to open and use the Provenance app on your device.