The bodybuilder’s physique is like a work of art; the effect of a

have to communicate this quality to the judges and the audience.

But remember, they are not just looking at your muscles and your

cuts, they are looking at you-the total you-everything from

how you stand, move, and pose, to your skin tone, haircut, and

posing trunks, and whether you seem confident or anxious, a

winner or a loser.

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Their impression of you anabolic steroids is formed by your

mastery of posing-your ability to display your physique with

drama and excitement.

Actually, I had always been against excessive contest preparation, feeling that all you should have to bring to a competition is

bodybuilder physique

your trained body and some sort of posing routine.

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However, over

the last decade or so the sport has become so sophisticated that a

bodybuilder can’t rely simply on what he has achieved in the gym

and the ability to do a few simple poses.

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Nowadays you need to

deal Muscle Growth Hormone Cycle: HGH with every detail, every aspect of presentation, or risk losing

by a narrow margin.

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Many a bodybuilder has lost a competition

simply because his posing was not good enough, because he lost

his balance doing moves he had not practiced enough or tried

poses that did not really suit his physique.

The bodybuilder’s physique is like a work of art; the effect of a

bodybuilder physique

great painting can be ruined if it is poorly displayed, if the frame,

the lighting, and the setting are not designed to show it off to

work effect

best advantage. So, too, the finest physique can fail to move the

judges if the bodybuilder does not understand how to present

himself in such a manner as to call attention to the true qualities