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I slept in my truck and at the library while I was a student and showered at gyms. I have lived so long without dignity in school, just give me privacy at minimum.

I predict there will be many attempts by other vendors to duplicate this concept. The most interesting new feature to Java Studio Enterprise 7 is a team collaboration tool.

This tool is essentially a code-aware Instant Messaging application within the IDE. After launching Collaboration Server , I created a few accounts and practiced trading code and files between two users I created. When its time to share code, you select a button to let the tool know the type of code you are using , then enter it.

The programming assignments are really challanging too, but with persevarance one can achieve them. The first course in this series was a stellar introduction to programming for those with little/no experience, with the added bonus of amazing "mentors" in the discussion forums to help solve issues. The lectures are incredibly long, hard to follow, and don’t seem to apply to the exercises, and the forums are hardly monitored at all. I work in IT and while I am certainly a beginner, I’m neither an idiot nor unfamiliar with these concepts; yet I’m struggling to the point of wanting to quit.

The tool color codes and numbers the text according to the specified format, just as if you were using the IDE’s main editor . It is also possible to share a file in which two team members can edit its contents simultaneously. Last month, Sun Microsystems released the latest version of their enterprise development platform, Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7. These enhancements are intended to make the platform a complete solution for supporting the full software development lifecycle of J2EE applications. The hardest parts are the use of BlueJ which is much harder to use than any other IDE without the adudant helps, tutorails and posts all the others have.

If it wasn’t for sites like StackExchange and the help of my friends and coworkers, I’d be long gone. With this goal, I think the course did well, I am very comfortable with writing codes in Java after the course. The course also had ample practice via programming exercises . Their assignments are also of good-quality because they do not have many MCQs . Rather, they require us to type in our written program’s output to answer.

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  • It lacks all the convenient features of Visual Studio, FlashDevelop, and NetBeans that make them decent development environments.
  • 2) Personally, it is only really good for the classroom environment, to teach student how to code in java, at a high school level.
  • There is no automatic completion of brackets nor parentheses.
  • BlueJ does not allow browsing a class’s variables/methods as Visual Studio does, nor is there automatic completion of control and iteration statements such as switch, for, foreach, if, etc.
  • I constantly fight the automatic formatting in order to make my code look neat and presentable.

Hence, they make sure that we actually did our work, wrote the program, understand whats going on. This course, rather than teaching you how to write programs in Object-oriented programming paradigm, teaches you how to write simple programs in Java. I left this job because my manager hindered me from leading the solutions I wanted and also stopped me from trying to grow our team project. It’s interesting because during hr opt-in in the first month, we have orientation twice and each time we are told to push new business when possible even as a developer. Being in the dev team was not the most joyous experience for me, but those who worked hard and hit estimates consistently were promoted to newer projects in a pretty reasonable time.

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Great place to meet others like you, either fresh college graduates or experienced worker, and have fun at learning on the job. I think the pace will be too fast for people who have no previous programming experience.

That said, he has a strong accent and very unconventional teaching style that had me biting my teeth some nights. I needed to use Udemy to learn some things that allowed me to complete projects and succeed. I think that without this fear and uncertainty though, I would never have been driven to learn so much in such a short time. I am a very private person and found this insulting/degrading at times. I don’t think two grown men download should have to sleep across from each other or share a single room, even if it is an alleged "luxury" apartment.

The rest of the people outside our seemed to be happy with the company. You have to be ambitious enough to confront real challenges. You have nothing to lose in the pursuit of knowledge and your dreams/goals. My trainer was the best, and I was lucky to have been instructed by him.