Landscape Design

Landscape Design

We would like to provide access to nature as right for all people living in cities and to further the cause our solutions include the elements of climate adaptation, rainwater management, plant composition and biophilic design.

 A green façade breathing just outside the window, the gurgling sound of rainwater being recycled in a basin – nature in cities, however small, rekindles the link with the earth. At GR Constructions, we work with landscape design to solve social, urban and climatic challenges.

At a greater rate than at any other time in history, people all over the world are choosing to live in cities. At the same time, climate changes challenge the built environment and natural resources dwindle.  
We need nature in our cities to create healthy, well-balanced living environments for people. We need nature to regulate and absorb climatic changes such as cloudbursts, rising sea levels and higher temperatures.
Our solutions are guided by the vision of building for the future.  By using nature as a resource, our solutions focus on regulating outdoor comfort to stage social interaction and improve mental health while solving complex security and environmental challenges.

Our team of Landscape Designers work closely together with our engineers and researchers who provide studies on microclimatic conditions. Based on these data we offer our clients the creation of seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces: between cities, people, and nature. We design for an active outdoor life – shared urban spaces and landscapes where people meet across social and cultural affiliations, genders and ages.

We also offer value by integrating biodiversity directly into buildings – through rooftop gardens, vertical gardens and green facades. Green living environments are places where people want to live, work and spend time. They stimulate the senses, increase health, absorb and conserve rainwater, reduce wind and particle pollution while decreasing the carbon footprint of the built up space.